Free Local Classified Ads

General Info is the most popular classifieds website in Canada, which provides free services only. It ensures an extremely convenient, easy and interesting way for millions of users to purchase, sell, exchange and trade in such areas as services, goods, jobs, housing, pets, community, vacation rentals, gardening, cars etc. These options, however, are accessible exclusively by people who live in the same community. This makes them easier to get in touch with each other any time they consider it necessary. The main objective of this website is to provide users with a safe, accurate and simple approach to the process of listing free ads.

Website was first launched in Quebec City and Montreal (Canada) in February 2005. By the end of the year it has expanded to the impressive network that involved other Canadian cities. It has been estimated that about 9 million registered users trade at this website monthly and the number of people who are fascinated by its services keeps growing. These days has websites not only in Canada, but in the US, Germany, India, China, Taiwan as well. All in all, the site is visited by over 15 million people each month. Furthermore, more than 150000 classifieds are posted in different website categories every day, which increases your chances to find exactly what you need. According to recent calculations, over forty million ads were submitted in 2010 and this is what makes this website a number one choice for lots of people.

Pros and Cons is concerned with the safety of their users. Therefore, they provide a list of rules that are obligatory for everyone, who is going to trade there. For example, users are not allowed to place similar ads as well as those that contain links to any other dating, classifieds or job sites. They underline that they accept only local ads that do not contain spamming keywords. Those users of Kijiji, who wish to post their free ads, should pay special attention to the choice of the proper category. Kijiji is fairly considered a unique classifieds website, since it makes it possible to target customers by category and place of residence. The sign-up procedure is easy enough to be understandable for everyone. Actually, it will not take you long to become a registered user.

Experts note, however, that this website has several negative features as well. Thus, does not provide you with any contractual agreement when you are offered a deal there. They do not guarantee one hundred percent safety for users who trade at their website. The same is about anti-fraud protection. In other words, this website is just a convenient place, where you can find almost everything you need, but without extra protection. Irrespective of these disadvantages, millions of people not only from Canada consider this site very convenient and popular.